Houses that are Difficult to Access will be Demolished

In order that the masses may be better able to exercise their democratic rights, dwellings that are difficult for political canvassers to access will be demolished.

All house numbers will be re-assigned so that they will be contiguous in strict 1 at the North-East corner and 2 at the South-East.

One thought on “Houses that are Difficult to Access will be Demolished

  1. Ireallydon'tknowwhyIamwritingthis

    So you are advocating fractional house numbers? That would actually be a great solution to the problem of building two houses on a lot that only had one. One should also consider non-algebraic or even transcendental numbers. I am sure addresses like sqrt(2), e and pi would be sought after, too.

    And since we are discussing this, a two-dimensional layout of properties would lend itself marvelously to complex numbers. In this case, addresses at the border of a Mandelbrot set might be particularly popular.

    It’s Sunday morning, sorry.


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